Portbilet 2.0 introduces new opportunities: railway tickets from Trenitalia!
Online booking system Portbilet 2.0 introduces its new railway tickets supplier, Trenitalia. Now all sub-agents of Portbilet 2.0 have online access to Italy, France, and Switzerland railway tickets. 

Extensive route network of Trenitalia comprises around 200 cities in Italy and allows you to quickly and conveniently get to any large city in France and Switzerland. Long-distance trains, suburban trains, and night trains are available for booking. 

Please note that when searching for tickets, the indicated train departure and arrival time is local.

Offer your passengers trips by Frecciarossa high-speed trains or Intercity standard trains. 

The fastest and comfortable Frecciarossa trains ("Red Arrow") run at a speed of up to 360 km/h. They allow getting from Milan to Rome just in three hours, and a trip from Milan to Bologna or from Rome to Naples will take just one hour. Frecciargento ("Silver Arrow") high-speed trains travel up to 250 km/h, running through Venice, Rome, Reggio di Calabria, and Verona. All major cities in Italy are connected by Frecciabianca ("White Arrow") high-speed trains, that travel up to 200 km/h.

Traveling by train will allow your customers to enjoy beautiful European landscapes and will save their time. An additional advantage of booking Trenitalia tickets in Portbilet 2.0 is free refund (when covered by the selected tariff).



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