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Business trip control and management

Business trip management is a multi-faceted process that includes a number of important stages. What VIP-Service has to offer you is not only effective management of your employees' business travel but also cost optimization for each stage of this process.

1. Development, implementation and control of your company's business trip policy

A thought-out policy of employee business trips is among the key principles of effective business travel management of a company. It is an effectively developed policy of business trips that can help optimize the budget of business travel. Average savings may reach 10 to 33% when comparing the period before and after you start using a tool such as a travel policy.

Our experience of using a travel policy suggests that any business trip management policy must cover 6 aspects, including reservation processes, payment and provision of services, the company's reputation matters, risks and care for the environment.

The business trip management policy formed and implemented in the company will result in an optimization of the entire process of their organization.

2. Boosting performance of the process of ordering all necessary services

By selecting one of the service platforms offered by us, you can make noticeable simpler the process of ordering services required for the organization of business travel by sending a request for all services to one manager (the one stop-shop principle), getting a comprehensive consultation and support from a team of managers assigned to your company (a service team), promptly delivering the request for processing to the manager based within your company (an implant office) or our office (an out-plant office) etc.

With our help, you will make sure your travelers get a full range of services starting from identifying the need for travel to the record-keeping of costs with the company's financial functions.

3. Optimizing the costs of all components of business trips such as passenger transport, hotel accommodation, organization of conferences and corporate events

You need not select the most affordable hotels and flights to save on business travel. You can use top-quality services, provide increased security to travelers, and save at the same time if the business travel program is consolidated regionally and globally.

Increasingly more companies have striven recently to standardize their business travel policy, processes and tools and consolidate vendor search. With this goal in mind, companies increasingly opt for cooperation with one business tourism operator.

We will help you optimize the costs of business trips by providing access to corporate rates of airlines and hotels agreed to within tripartite agreements between customers and service providers through our company. This access will offer you special prices for air transport and hotel accommodation available only to your company's employees.

4. Increasing employees' security and corporate social responsibility

Our company is an official partner of International SOS in Russia – a global leader in risk management and security of travelers and expatriates.

With our experience and the experience of our foreign partner, we appreciate the scale of potential risks for travelers and expatriates. It is this understanding of risks that helps us implement and subsequently control procedures for travelers, meet legal obligations to our employees, coordinate the effort of several departments (Security, HR, Administrative etc) and, at the same time, meet our obligations within the budget.

5. Auditing and evaluating the performance of your business travel program

Our specialists will help you control the implementation of your business travel program by monitoring performance indicators and the regularly updated administrative monitoring panel.

Importantly, they will help you to accurately evaluate your employees' satisfaction with their experience as this indicator is conducive to consistent improvement of your company's business travel program and better loyalty of employees in terms of following the travel policy.

6. A simple and convenient tool for payment and management of corporate expenses of business travel: Business Travel Account (BTA)

VIP-Service is a certified partner of «American Express Bank» LLC.

We will be happy to offer you a new tool for payments with our company that you can use not only to control working capital more effectively through a grace period of a loan for up to 58 calendar days but also to maximize cost control for the organization of business trips.

American Express - BTA corporate credit card is a virtual corporate card from American Express held by a company. The BTA card is used for mutual payments with the authorized Agency for the organization of business trips. A combined statement of card account and bill is issued once a month and facilitates centralized record-keeping and payment of all expenses made through the card. A special reporting system offers you electronic files with detailed information about services that have been paid for, automates the processing of bills and the record-keeping of expenses, integrates received data into your company's internal reporting systems for further analysis.

Business Travel Account is a recognized and widely used tool for mutual payments between companies and vendors which significantly improves the cost control program by enhancing efficiency, consolidation, control, transparency and economy.

For further details, contact our company's manager or go to the bank's website at https://business.americanexpress.com/ru