We work

to win your heart


28 Steps to Perfect Service

Life teaches that a good relationship is the result of the daily work of both partners, but each must start with himself. We also start with ourselves in our most important relationship — the client relationship.

To form customer-oriented behavior, we choose various tools and communication channels. These are policies, regulations, motivational schemes, modern plasmas, motivating posters throughout the office and internal presentations for employees in their own technological media center.

The corporate business now has one more of its own original translator-memo about the importance of our mission - “customer care”. These are mats for computer mice on special order and table-tents in the corporate cafeteria, on which the main principles of successful work with clients are collected.

“28 Steps to Perfect Service” - this is the formulation of the main provisions that Vipservice corporate business employees are guided by in their work. Among them: “I know everything about the client”, “I always care about the client and share my knowledge”, “I offer the client what they need”, “I always develop and read specialized publications and news” and other values ​​that help maintain a balance in work and achieve high results by building partnerships with a client.

To win your hearts, we must invest our souls!