Corporate life

Gifts from Kolomna
The charitable event Good November came to its end, and this time, it saw many interesting products from social entrepreneurs 01.12.2017
Generous Tuesday
In the framework of Generous Tuesday event, the project will carry out workshops on the manufacturing of Christmas wreaths and a fair with the sale of warm knitting (hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, wraps), decorations, toys, and New Year souvenirs 30.11.2017
"Fragrances of joy" from Kolomna
We continue to introduce to you unique social enterprises.
On November 23, we had a guest from Kolomna, the company "Fragrances of joy".
A Fair of Notepads and Pens at Perevedenovsky!
Notepads and pens made of the printing house paper scraps are a new product that environmentalists called "Ecofall" 22.11.2017
Acquaintance with Ecopad!
Transformation of printing run offcuts of a typography into useful everyday objects is an example of a correct understanding of ecological responsibility 16.11.2017