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Founded in 1993, VIP-Service Holding has been a leader in the Russian ticket market for 20 years, improving its image as a reliable partner and employer year after year. Currently, VIP-Service employs 1,600 people.

The Holding's team is made up of people who love their job and approach it creatively. We —are enthusiastic people and we try to inspire everyone who works with us with this attitude. VIP-Service offers its employees good opportunities for career growth and professional development. By organizing advanced training courses and encouraging its employees' drive for self-improvement, VIP-Service can become both a great springboard and a successful continuation of your career. The management of the holding provides all its employees with the opportunity to preferentially study foreign languages on the territory of the central office and offers a connection to the voluntary medical insurance program.

If you are a young promising talent or an established professional, we invite you to join our friendly team. We want our employees to be confident, keen to develop and be goal oriented. We want them to enjoy working in a team and to —take responsibility. You can start your career at VIP-Service right now! Send your CV to our specialists, and they will contact you if there is a vacancy.

Please refer to Olesya Razina, the head of the recruiting department, with any questions regarding vacancies or CVs.

e-mail: o.razina@vipservice.ru
Tel.: +7 (495) 626-48-88 (ext. 2913)

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Our offices



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Moscow, 105082,
17 Perevedenovsky per., bld. 1
Tel./fax _+7 (495) 626-48-88
Metro station «Baumanskaya», «Elektrozavodskaya»

Sub-agent service:
_+7 (495) 626-48-88

Corporate service:
_+7 (495) 626-47-74

How to get by public transport from the metro station

- Trolleybus No. 22, 88
- Bus No. m3, N3, T25
to Stop «84 Bakuninskaya St».
Landmark: «Pavlin-Mavlin tearoom»

Office on Novaya Basmannaya St.

Metro station «Krasnye Vorota»

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Moscow, 12 Novaya Basmannaya St., bld. 2, 2nd floor

Airline tickets:
_+7 (495) 967-15-97
_+7 (495) 933-23-00

Railway tickets:
_+7 (495) 771-63-18

Tourist services:
_+7 (495) 995-99-45
_+7 (495) 933-23-23
_+7 (495) 933-23-00

Office on Leninsky Pr.

Metro station «Universitet», «Oktyabrskaya»

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Moscow, 72/2 Leninsky Pr.

_+7 (495) 937-23-10

Tourist services:
_+7 (495) 930-67-75
_+7 (499) 138-04-30

Fax +7 (499) 138-03-84

How to get by public transport from the metro station Oktyabrskaya

- Trolleybus No. M4K, M4,
- Bus No.  144, M1, N1
to Stop «Pr-t. Lomonosovskyi».



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Irkutsk, 106 Shyryamova St., office 403
Tel./fax +7 (3952) 50-02-05



Krasnodar, 144 Rashpilevskaya St.,
Tel./fax_ +7 (8612) 103-622


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Novosibirsk, 2 Sibrevkoma St.,& 14 Krasny Pr.,
Tel./fax +7 (383) 299-64-44


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Rostov-on-Don, 102/2 Metallurgicheskaya St.,
Tel./fax +7 (863) 219-15-15

Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg, 6 Kievskaya St.,
Tel./fax +7 (812) 380-56-05



Fasanenstr. 3, Berlin, Deutschland
Phone: _+49 (0)30 887 147 14
Fax: _+49 (0)30 887 147 29