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Would you Like to Become our Sub-agent?

We are pleased that you would like to be a sub-agent. We have gained vast experience in selling tickets and related services over twenty years and now we can offer several technological solutions for joint work.

Classical technology is cashier terminales

Our technicians will install and connect terminales for «Siren», «Gabriel», «Amadeus», «Express-3», and «Sabre». We will ensure a single solution for all issues from task-setting to implementation and subsequent support of reservation systems. Setup orders are accepted 24/7.


Portbilet is a simple and effective on-line solution for ticket search, reservation, and sales, as well as for related services. —Today the system offers airline, railway, and Aeroexpress tickets, hotels and traveler insurance policies. Charter flight tickets were introduced in the system in 2013. Charter flights 100% on-line for the first time!

Send us a call-back request

We will provide technical consultations and training on how to operate hardware and software. Contact e-mail: portbilet@vipservice.ru.

For trial access and additional information, please call: +7 (495) 626-50-12 or send a request to portbilet@vipservice.ru