We work

to win your heart


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We work to win your heart

Our values:


We are a strong and reliable partner! Our strength lies in our financial stability, ability to keep our promises and a large and friendly team of like-minded people. Our long history proves our reliability.

All leading Russian carriers and leaders of the global transport industry operating in our country trust in us.


We love what we do and follow a creative approach! We are sensitive to market developments. Based on our experience, we can anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow and bring them closer by acting today.

We know how to respond to challenges. We transform challenges into tools that we share with clients, employees and partners.


–We are enthusiastic people and we try to inspire everyone who works with us with this attitude! We bring others together by sharing knowledge. We boost performance by sharing technologies. We open up new opportunities by sharing contacts and connections. We know that only the strong can succeed.

With us, our partners become stronger, with our partners, we become more successful.