Corporate life

Webinar: Portbilet Lifehacks
An online webinar titled "Lifehacks and Solutions to Complex Questions about the Portbilet System" took place... 08.09.2023
Forward-looking development
There is an agreement between the Vipservice holding and the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) for students to undertake industrial internships within the holding... 08.08.2023
Full responsibility
Vipservice Holding held first aid training. The event was attended by senior staff... 26.07.2023
Improving the service quality in development of employees
In the Vipservice holding personnel training is one of the priority tasks in the structure of development and strengthening of entire business positions.  24.01.2023
Celebration for children
The Vipservice Holding is about people, team of high-class professionals, passionate about their work, about the fact that everyone is individual... 29.12.2022