Corporate life

Useful skills
Vipservice holding group pays special attention to its personnel's development. Employees undergo professional testing and receive recommendations for further development; top management obtains training under the MBA program, and there are other initiatives 21.07.2021
Health knowledge
Is there anything else we can do to take care of our employees’ health during these trying pandemic times? Is there any way we can achieve herd immunity sooner? 20.07.2021
By example
Vipservice office has bright colorful posters: key top-level employees supported an important decision made by the holding's management 13.07.2021
Health Memo
The Vipservice holding is launching the Healthy Summer-2021 program. To help employees, a vaccination memo has been prepared 30.06.2021
The Vipservice Standard: Certification results
Vipservice reviewed the results of line accountant certifications across the holding's businesses. Every certified employees affirmed their professional qualifications 22.06.2021