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For over twenty years, we have been actively building and maintaining close partnerships with our vendors. Leading Russian carriers and leaders of the global transport industry operating in our country trust in us. We have direct contracts with 300 airlines and their 900 partners in professional alliances. The Holding is Agent Number 1 for «Aeroflot» and Russian Railways. 

Years of successful operations have led to the company being recognized in the tourist community. Thus, in September 2015, Dmitry Gorin, CEO of the holding, was elected to the Presidium of the Board of the Russian Travel Industry Union.

Certificate RST and a letter of recommendation from Vice-president of the Russian union of travel industry Y.А. Barzykin

As our business grows, the number of our partners also grows. We are happy to work with leading companies not only in transport and tourism, but also in the banking and insurance markets.

Our awards

We have won numerous awards and certificates from our partners for over the 20 years of our work. Here are some of them:


Air France KLM

United Airlines.jpg

United Airlines


Hainan Airlines

Alitalia Best Partner 2017 award.jpg

Alitalia Best Partner 2017 award

Sichuan Airlanes.jpg

Sichuan Airlanes «For Rapid Growth in Sales in 2017»

Vietnam Airlines.jpg

Vietnam Airlines «Best Consolidator 2017»

Lufthansa Group.jpg

Lufthansa Group «Platinum Partner Award for 2017 Lufthansa Group Ticket Sales»

Bangkok Airways.jpg

Bangkok Airways «For Best Sales Results in 2017»

Air Arabia.jpg

Air Arabia «For Outstanding Results in 2017»




Royal Air Maroc «TOP BEST SELLER»

Федеральное агентсво по туризму.jpg

Gratitude from the Federal Agency for Tourism


Thai Airwys "Best Agency 2017"

Lot Диплом 2017.jpg

Diploma of LOT Polish Airlines

Korean air.jpg

Korean Air

Lufthansa Group 2016.jpg

Lufthansa Group

Награды от турецких авиалиний.jpg

Best partner Turkish Airlines



czech airlines.jpg

CSA Czech Airlines

air china.jpg

Air China

Главное командование воздушно-космических сил.jpg

Letter of Gratitude


Absolute leader of sales S7 Airlines

Аэрофлот Best Partner 2017

Aeroflot Best Partner 2017

The best Russian social projects

Association of Tour Operators of Russia


United Airlines

Gulf Air

Ural Airlines 2016

Best partner 2016 awards Alitalian

Agency Awards Etihad

Korean Air Gold agency 2016

Hainan Airlines 2016


S7 Airlines

Singapore Airlines 2016

Vietnam Airlines Top trade partner 2016

Royal air maroc Top Best Seller Royal Air Maroc 2016

Royal Air Maroc Top Best Seller 2016

Japan Airlines

Air China Best Partner 2016

Diploma of Bangkok Airways

Certificate of S7 Airlines

Certificate of Acknowledgement from The Department of Culture of the City of Moscow

Certificate of Honor from Minisrty of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia

The highest sales from Airline Pobeda

Diploma of the Best Partner from Air China

Certificate of Acknowledgement from The Department of Culture of the City of Moscow

Letter of Gratitude from AO FPK

Letter of Gratitude from Israir Airlines

Partnership Certificate

Certificate issued by the Association of Tour Operators

Acknowledgement of the leading position by Lufthansa Group

Official Gratitude from Czech Airlines


Award from Lufthansa Group

Official Gratitude from Lufthansa Group

A token of appreciation from Turkish Airlines

Diploma from Korean Air

Diploma from Air Europa "Best Seller 2015"

Diploma from Air Astana "Gold Partner 2015"

Diploma from American Airlines "Best Sales Agent 2015"

Diploma from China Eastern Airlines "Лучший партнер 2015"

Best Partner 2015 from «Aeroflot»

«Best Sales Agent 2014» from American Airlines

Diploma from «Aeroflot»


Diploma from Lufthansa Group

Diploma from Lufthansa Group

Диплом от Iberia и British Airways «Best Partner 2014»

Diploma from Iberia & British Airways «Best Partner 2014»

«Best Agent 2014» from Bangkok Airways

Diploma from Travelport

Благодарственное письмо от Ассоциации «Объединение туроператоров в сфере выездного туризма «Турпомощь»


«Top Selling Agent - Gold» from Emirates

Best Partner Summer 2013 from «Aeroflot»

Certificate from «Siren-Travel»

Diploma of the 16th International Tourism Exhibition


Certificate from «Aeroflot»

Diploma from «Aeroflot»

Diploma from airBaltic

Diploma from Scandinavian Airlines

1st place from Lufthansa Group

Diploma from Iberia & British Airways

Certificate from «VIM-Avia»

Diploma from Korean Air

Diploma from Japan Airlines

Diploma from China Southern

Diploma from TB WorkShop

Diploma from Rail Europe

Diploma from Czech Airlines


Diploma from Air Berlin

Diploma from Korean Airlines


Award statue from Etihad

Diploma from Cathay Pacific

Award statue from Thai Airways

Award statue from Korean Air

Certificate from United Airlines


Award statue from «Transaero»

Diploma from Lufthansa German Airlines

Diploma from Austrian Airlines


Diploma from Scandinavian Airways

Diploma from Malev Hungarian Airlines

Diploma from British Midland Airways Limited

Diploma from Singapore Airlines Russia

Diploma from Czech Airlines

Diploma from Swiss International Airlines


Diploma from Rossiya

Diploma from S7 Airlines

Diploma from Brussel Airlines

Diploma from Iberia Airlines

Diploma from Czech Airlines


Diploma from Czech Airlines

Golden Certificate from «Aeroflot»

Diploma from Air France


Diploma from S7 Airlines

Diploma from Air France

Diploma from Swiss International Airlines


Diploma from Austrian Airlines

Diploma from SN Brussels Airlines (Belgium)

Diploma from British Airways

Diploma from Swissair

Diploma from «Transaero»


Diploma from Air France

Diploma from Swissair

Certificate «Golden Agent -2003»

Diploma from «Transaero» for best Business Class sales

Diploma from «KLM» (Dutch Royal Airlines)

Diploma from «Emirates Airlines»


Best Agency for Airline Sales

Diploma of the Association of Air Transport Agencies

Certificate «Golden Agent»

Diploma from Swissair

Diploma from LOT (Poland)