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The Vipservice Standard: Certification results

Vipservice reviewed the results of line accountant certifications across the holding's businesses. Every certified employees affirmed their professional qualifications. Based on the results of this certification, all employees will be assigned new categories — either Grade I or II Accountant. These categories will clearly reflect the function that each employee performs. This job title fully corresponds with approved professional standards, which are crucial during the transition to the Electronic Labor Book. 

More than 20 employees took part in this event, which is aimed at identifying compliance with professional accounting standards (08.002). Olga Sidorenko, the holding's chief accountant, personally developed the methodology for the accounting test. All Level 6 accounting professionals were worried for their colleagues — of course, they did not doubt their qualifications, but they were overjoyed when everyone confirmed their professional levels. Our Corporate Business accountant exhibited the best result — 100% correct responses. 

Olga Sidorenko also developed several professional recommendations for her colleagues, outlining focus areas and a list of recommended literature. Vipservice values its employees who strive to improve their qualifications. 

We should also note that this test will now be included in the interview process for the position of accountant. The test will immediately determine where prospective employee can be of greatest use to the company, and put them on the right track from the get-go. 

As a management tool, certification enables us to not only distinguish between functional and professional areas, but also give our younger employees the opportunity to move up the career ladder, develop professionally, and apply for a better positions upon passing a scheduled certification. It also enables us to introduce a Professional Standard in our organization, which helps us avoid discrepancies in position names and impartially assign roles based on employee characteristics and the qualifications necessary for performing certain types of professional activities, including specific job functions.

What our accounting department went through is a portent of things to come: certification awaits employees of other supporting units down the line.