Corporate life

Useful skills

Vipservice holding group pays special attention to its personnel's development. Employees undergo professional testing and receive recommendations for further development; top management obtains training under the MBA program, and there are other initiatives.

At the end of June, employees of non-financial departments participated in the “Excel for management and analysis” training. Its objective was to increase the general skill of working with reports. The emphasis was on building “correct tables” and obtaining skills in building systems based on the “WATERFALL” tables. 

The 15 employees who completed the training noted that there was a lot of useful and practical information. They also liked the instructor himself – the audience praised the energetic atmosphere and the interesting presentation of the material. In general, the reviews are the most positive and everyone is waiting for new meetings with the instructor.

The company, for its part, plans to scale and train more employees in this skill. Vipservice takes the need for constant development seriously.