Corporate life

Competence 360

The Vipservice holding held a special information and training event. It brought together representatives of all key businesses, each of which presented its own direction and products.

It was done to improve the overall level of competence of employees responsible for sales and development. It is not uncommon to come across situations in the market when a consultant who is well versed in his topic announces an additional service for which an adjacent department is responsible and literally cannot “string two words together” simply by passing the colleague’s business card. Of course, such a situation is unacceptable and disastrous. That is why this event was organized - "educational program".




The products and IT solutions of the holding were announced at the event. There were the OKO analytical platform, the HotelStar hotel aggregator, the TicketMe transport aggregator with the NDC connections of suppliers, the Sincura Russia premium concierge service, theMap payment service, the Hamilton Apps travel automation and advance reporting application, and others among them. Each business spoke in detail about its offspring. During the speeches rising trends and innovations were also touched upon, vision and further plans for development of each direction were outlined.





At the end of meeting there was a fascinating quiz with tricky questions to test knowledge. 




The winner received a valuable prize from Holding General Director.


Such an event is another new Vipservice tradition, because traditions help to maintain harmony and stability in the world of constant external changes.