Corporate life

Birthday of Vipservice

The symbolic opening of new stage of long journey - August 9, the celebration of the 27th birthday of the Vipservice holding took place.


There is a sign that as you celebrate the New Year (whether it be a calendar or life cycle), you will spend it the same way. Holiday in the holding office is joy and pride for common success, hope and confident look into future, warm and friendly atmosphere, and, of course, the traditional delicious berry cake which translates the slogan - "We work so that the business bears fruit."




Obligatory component of significant event is rewarding of employees who meet the main principles of brand: reliability, dedication, and creativity. On this birthday, according to business leaders, 30 best employees were awarded.





Key component of celebration was the much-anticipated new capsule-laying ceremony for period of three years. It is the second capsule and its opening took place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the company. What will the world be like, what technologies and innovations are waiting for the transport industry, what new opportunities will open up for the company - the employees put the answers to these questions and their expectations in the message “to their future”.


Happy birthday, Vipservice holding! Happy birthday, dear company! New victories and prosperity to you!