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Vipservice team placed high in the bowling tournament!
Yesterday at the bowling tournament organized by Turkish Airlines, our team took the 3rd place with an excellent result of 842 points for two games 13.04.2018 10:15
The 8th of March in Vipservice Holding: Relaxation and Creativity!
Strong women work in Vipservice Holding, but even strong people shouldn't forget about relaxation and opportunity to chill out. Especially, when celebrating the 8th of March! 13.03.2018 10:32
Dmitry Semykin received the MBA degree
Dmitry Semykin, Commercial Director of the Sub-agent business of Vipservice Holding, received the MBA degree in Marketing. We congratulated Dmitry and asked him to tell us what kind of advantages are provided by the MBA degree to a modern Russian manager 02.03.2018 11:26
 Journey through "single-storey America"
Holding employees traveled across "single-storey America" 05.02.2018 16:00
Gifts from Kolomna
The charitable event Good November came to its end, and this time, it saw many interesting products from social entrepreneurs 01.12.2017 16:36