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Lufthansa Group dynamic pricing in Portbilet
We are glad to announce that in partnership with the key supplier of the Lufthansa Group holding, Vipservice has launched the sale of tariffs with dynamic pricing (Continuous Pricing) in the Portbilet web system 25.01.2021
A series of magic master classes has ended - a gift for the children of employees
We invite you to admire the results of some works of young artists, and they themselves received gifts from Santa Claus 25.01.2021
New appointment in Vipservice Holding
Vipservice announces the start of a large-scale project, within the framework of which a strategy for the transition to a data-driven enterprise will be developed and implemented 12.01.2021
New Year's gift to all employees, clients and partners
On the Eve of the new 2021, the subagent business updated its section of the general holding site 29.12.2020