The Portbilet has added more than 700,000 accommodation facilities.
Great news from Portbilet: now there are even more places available for accommodation... 01.04.2024
New horizons of travel with Portretix
Portretix does everything possible so that you can get to any point on earth and therefore constantly improves its service... 20.03.2024
Movie night in honor of the holidays
After the renovation of the Vipservice office and the appearance of a modern media center in it, the palette of corporate events has expanded significantly... 11.03.2024
Vipservice's MICE Operations Director Alena Eivel wins the capital's tourism award
Alena Eivel, MICE Operations Director at Vipservice Corporate Business, has won an award for her contribution to the development of business tourism and tourist potential in Moscow. 06.02.2024
Portretix launches its own Telegram channel.
We will tell you what awaits you on the new channel and why you need to subscribe to it... 31.01.2024