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Amadeus is a global reservation system developed by a company of the same name in the area of tourist services. This system is intended for booking airline tickets, cars, ferries, train travel, hotels, cruises, and insurance policies. The system is actively used by over 400,000 tourism professionals worldwide.

Today, over 9,000 agency terminals are connected to Amadeus.

Galileo, a global CRS, was founded in 1987 by KLM, British Airways, Swissair and Covia who were joined soon after by Alitalia and Austrian Airlines. Headquartered in Denver (Colorado, US), the company employs about 3,000 people. Back then Covia had its own system, Apollo, but redirected its users to Galileo which merged with Apollo in 1993 and was renamed to Galileo International. The network service provides the traveler and the travel agent with information on tourist products and services, it supports the automation of both airline ticket reservation and the ordering of optional services, direct message exchange. Over 80 of the largest hotel chains such as Radisson, Hilton, Holidays are connected to this network and allow travel agents to book hotel rooms.

Sabre Travel Network is an organization that connects sellers and buyers of tourist services through the world's largest trade platform, Sabre Global Distribution System® (GDS).

Sabre links over 55,000 travel agencies and over 400 airlines, 86,000 hotels, 25 car rental companies, 12 cruise companies. As a result, customers get unforgettable memories of their trip and the tourist industry develops.


Sirena-Travel is a leading company in the distribution of airline services in Russia and an information technology provider for aviation businesses. Sirena-Travel offers a variety of business process automation solutions for airlines, agencies selling air transport services and airports. Sirena-Travel partners include tour operators, hotels, car rental companies, railways, insurance companies and sport and entertainment ticket providers.


Sirena-2000 is an airline ticket reservation system developed in accordance with IATA recommendations. Sirena-2000 implements the international technology of selling passenger transportation services based on existing domestic special features, it supports two languages (Russian and English), allows the entire resource to be concentrated in one center to maximize control over its implementation, managing its resources and pursuing an independent tariff policy. The system has the following features: separate maintenance of timetables and resources, 24 different subclasses based on international practice, 4 algorithms of seat availability management for subclasses, seat sales without specific numbers, a concept of one raid, support of interaction with international reservation systems (for example, Amadeus) to expand the distribution chain.

«Sirena 2.3»

The automated reservation system Sirena 2.3 is a reservation distribution inverter system. It can be used in different ways: as an airline's own system within its commercial information system, as a distribution system that provides agents with access to other inverter systems, as a collective use system for several airlines and/or agencies.

Today, Sirena 2.3 allows many major Russian air carriers to manage their resources, in full or partially One of the main Sirena 2.3 subsystems is a passenger service subsystem intended for seat reservations. It meets the requirements of both the domestic and international air transport market and provides a package of features specific for direct interaction with the passenger, such as selection of the seat that the passenger asks for, seat reservation, meal selection and ticket generation, application of different tariffs, discounts, benefits, offer of package services, use of programs for frequent flyers and many other things.