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Biletix is ​​a hypermarket of air tickets.

A landmark project of the Vipservice holding, a leading Russian consolidator in the field of passenger transportation, created to work with individuals in 2008.

Today Biletix is ​​one of the largest Russian Internet resources providing an opportunity for convenient search, booking and purchase of air tickets and related services.

The use of the “low-cost” model makes the service more attractive for passengers who want to save as much as possible while buying a product from a reputable and trusted player.

Biletix has won a number of prestigious awards and prizes, including Zvezda.Travel.ru 2014, Golden Site 2015, and The Most Reliable Online Travel Agency TWITW 2015.



MAP is an international processing center with its own vision for electronic commercial values.

MAP – Payments is a complex decision of online payments processing and a convenient and easy payment form developed for customers and their clients, that helps increase sales and reduce costs.

MAP – Connect is a payment platform for marketplace. The Product represents a complete functional set to match demands of almost each MAP-Widget business model, including trips, microloans and service sector.  

MAP – Widget is a product that helps increase revenue with payment options created specially to reach high capability rates, optimize conversion and increase growth speed without additional efforts/ integration.  

MAP is a team of customer-centric developers, technologists and business professionals striving for innovations.

MAP is a part of a large Holding of Vipservice. It guarantees to the Company financial stability and development resources, franks to innovative technologies and gives a chance to attract prospective clients. 

Contact information:
E-mail: hello@mapcard.pro
Tel: +7(495) 123-3403

CWT Ru subtitle.png

The largest international agency CWT, specializing in the management of business travel and events in more than 140 countries of the world, has been operating in Russia since 1994. In April 2017, the global office of CWT signed an agreement on the transfer of business to Vipservice, according to which the Russian business of the company was transferred to the independent ownership of the holding. The new legal entity Vipservice BT LLC became part of the international partner network CWT. Today CWT Russia operates offices in three cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, and employs over 240 people. The client portfolio of CWT Russia includes over 200 global companies and their representative offices. Annual customer retention rate for 2018 - 97%, satisfaction with service quality (NPS index) - almost 80


Sincura Russia

Concierge Club Sincura Russia is a joint venture between the Vipservice holding and the British The Sincura Group. Founded in March 2020, Sincura Russia combines the experience and authority in the Russian market of corporate services of the Vipservice holding with concierge technologies, global capabilities and service standards for the most demanding clients of the British concierge company The Sincura Group.
Sinсura Russia is an exceptional service and premium solutions for both individuals (B2C) and businesses focused on the segment of high net worth clients (B2B). And also for the top management of corporate clients (B2E).

Services and benefits

- an individual approach to service 24/7/365
- a team of personal travel and lifestyle consultants of an expert level with extensive experience in servicing VIP clients in leading concierge companies, personal assistant managers, protocol service consultants
- a full range of individual travel services - own statement of air and railway tickets, hotel reservations, transport services, solution of all travel issues
- an unlimited set of additional services - tickets to entertainment events, reservations in restaurants, execution of various errands
- special offers and VIP status from suppliers around the world
- solutions proven in the banking sector in the field of medicine, education, legal and financial services, selection and sale of real estate, etc.
- access to the global partner base and contacts of The Sincura Group
And much more.

Info and contacts:
e-mail: info_ru@thesincuragroup.com
tel.: +7(495)626-4812


VIP Training center is a unique educational institution of additional professional education, which has its own platform for distance learning, which trains specialists in the transport and tourism industry. The Training Center, created in 2001, was intended to train employees of service centers in the railway transport. Today, the center offers over 50 courses and seminars to improve the qualifications of managers and employees of airports, airlines, freight agencies, and also offer training in working with all existing air and rail transportation reservation systems and tariffication systems on the market. TC VIP Training" is certified by GDS providers, accredited by the Transport and Clearing House (TCH), and since 2007 it has been authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

According to the results of 2011, 2012 and 2017, "VIP Training" entered the TOP-10 European Training Centers of IATA.

In addition to training new personnel and professional development of professionals, the Training Center pays great attention to promoting international standards of work in aviation. Among the most notable projects is cooperation with IATA in the preparation of the Russian-language edition of the Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the distribution of specialized industry literature.

Catalog of full-time education courses: http://www.vip-class.ru/courses
Distance learning courses catalog: http://www.aviter.ru/courses
Professional literature catalog: https://www.vip-books.ru