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HotelStar is a high-tech system for booking hotel accommodation that Vipservice plans to launch in Q4 2018.

HotelStar offers a professional toolkit allowing its users to manage specific content at the supplier level. In June 2018, a group of in-house developers working on the Hotel Star project successfully completed work on the direct contracts module. Channel managers were connected to the module; these can publish online not only all types of rates but also the availability of rooms. In addition, the speed of demonstration of offers increased. During the test, the module for controlling direct contracts with hotels demonstrated high-speed operation as well as ease of use and convenience. The results of the conducted tests show that the upload of the contract rates to the product gateway takes not more than five minutes. The deployment of this technology makes it possible to quickly and effectively fill HotelStar with in-house contracts.

In addition to offers from hotels under 2D and 3D contracts, HotelStar also integrates content from the leading suppliers in Russia and around the world.