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With the help of Portbilet, small companies can expand the range of services without additional costs. For large companies, the system allows you to build your own subagent networks, developing your business and increasing sales.  

Functional advantages of the system:

  • Simple and intuitive interface   

  • High speed of processing requests 

  • Matrix of the best prices, taking into account a large number of criteria 

  • Autofill of all the data of your regular customers, which is stored in your Personal Account 

  • More than 30 reliable tour operators are available in the system of charter offers 

  • Visa Application Form creation for the countries where it is necessary when issuing a ticket 

  • Automatic charging of bonus points in loyalty system of the SkyTeam Alliance airline companies 

  • Effective algorithm for accounting sales results, integration with 1C 

  • 24-hour support via phone, email, or online 

  • Continuous improvement of functionality in response to changing user needs 

Economic advantages of the system

  • Unique commercial conditions 

  • Free connection, no monthly fee 

  • Access to the most popular inventory of airlines, railway carriers, hotels, and insurance companies 

  • Personnel training 

  • Fast organization of temporary jobs during peak seasons 

  • The possibility of accelerated implementation of unclaimed ticket blocks 

  • Ability to create your own subagent network to increase the volume of the order and to receive additional commission