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Functional software – new opportunities

The Vipservice Holding, key provider of high-tech solutions in the passenger transportation booking market, presents “Future 2.0” – Multimodal & Metasearch Engine. Works in the real time mode.

The product is a combination of two modules - ticket search engine for various B2C providers and engine for combining different modes of transport into single transportation.

Multimodality is an uptrend in the market.

Imagine that a user visits the website of certain company, chooses the Kazan – Colombo route and receives a ticket for 100,000 rubles which includes a taxi to the station, a train to Moscow, an Aeroexpress to the airport, two flights and a transfer to the hotel in addition. All of these is already collected in a single transportation and does not require any additional actions and costs. The software algorithm automatically calculates which modes of transport can be used and how they can be combined in the direction that the user has chosen, and then the order is made with different tickets, but a unified payment is accepted. It seems simple, but...

The most difficult thing is to teach the software to combine all types of transport and tickets in such a way that the passenger has time to transfer from one to another without losing connection. The procedure for buying the transportation is also complicated, because the main task is to make the process convenient and understandable for the passenger, and different carriers have a different purchase process, their own list of necessary documents, etc. For example, to issue a ticket for an international flight, you need foreign passport data, Russian in Russia, and Aeroexpress or taxis do not even need the passenger's name. In this case, the software must minimize a number of steps that the client must go through in the process of purchasing multimodal transportation.

"Future 2.0" meets all of the above technologies for building single transportation. Vipservice is confident that the new product will be appreciated by the company's partners and their users.