IATA appreciated the training center of Vipservice

Having demonstrated impressive results and high education standards last year, the training center "VIP Training" of Vipservice Holding became one of the best IATA Training Centers (International Air Transport Association) in Europe. The decision was taken by IATA Institute, based on the information on the number of trained students and their exam results.

IATA Training representatives congratulated the training center of the holding on the achievement and expressed hope that "VIP Training" will preserve its high standards of training quality in the future.

"VIP Training" has been the IATA Authorized Training Center for more than ten years already. A lot of work was done since then, and its results were highly appreciated by the Internal Air Transport Association. It was the training center of Vipservice Holding where a pilot project on developing and implementing on-line exam was launched: today IATA uses this format for many of its courses. "VIP Training" has greatly contributed to translation into Russian of IATA Training handbooks: first such publication was IATA Ticketing Handbook, later the Russian version of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, which is still in force, was prepared.

It is not the first time that IATA Training recognizes merits of the training center "VIP Training": in 2011, the center was awarded a certificate for the people development in the air transportation industry and was recognized as one of TOP 10 IATA Training Centers in Europe. In 2017, the training center of the holding retained leading positions in the rating, and upon the invitation of the International Air Transport Association, its representatives made a report at the IATA Training Centers Congress in Istanbul, where they shared their experience in promotion and implementation of training programs. 

Training center "VIP Training" was founded in 2001 to serve a separate project: it was used as a training center for the future personnel of railway transport service centers, the number of training programs was very limited. After 17 years since then, the center offers over 50 courses and workshops for all those who want to get a new profession or improve their skills. Training center of Vipservice Holding was authorized by IATA Training in 2007.

IATA Training and Development Institute was founded by the International Air Transport Association to develop and implement training programs in the main areas of the aviation industry. IATA Authorized Training Centers are open all over the world and constitute an indispensable source of professional knowledge.