Concierge Service British Standards

Concierge Club Sincura Russia is a joint venture between the Vipservice holding and the British Sincura Group (formed in the early 90s). It combines the experience and authority in the Russian market of corporate services Vipservice with concierge technologies, global capabilities and standards for the most demanding clients of the concierge company Sincura Group.

Irina Solovyova, CEO of Vipservice holding, commented on this event: “The start of the project fell on a difficult time of the pandemic, when most businesses are preoccupied with thoughts of survival, not development. But the Vipservice holding, which has survived more than one crisis, finds energy and resources in this situation to start new cooperation. The project with The Sincura Group is a symbol of our faith in a better tomorrow that will certainly come. "

Sincura Russia is an exceptional service and premium solutions for both individuals (B2C) and businesses focused on the segment of high net worth clients (B2B). And also for the top management of corporate clients (B2E). The offered product is not only individual services for the most sophisticated and demanding customers, but also modern service and analytical solutions that are used in such new and ambitious projects as, for example, Revolute Metal Card.

“We value our brand and want to achieve leading positions in each region of our presence. Therefore, considering the promising Russian market, we wanted to find a reliable partner who himself strives for leadership and is ready to master new business niches. We found just such a partner in the Vipservice holding. And our first experience of interaction when launching a joint product in Russia gives us confidence in its long-term success”, Tony Baxter, Director of The Sincura Group.

Denis Alekseev (American Express, Sberbank), one of the most experienced and well-known specialists in the domestic premium services market, was invited specially for the Russian project, who proposed a concept and strategy for a new business and manages all activities and development of Sincura Russia. “During my long career, I have made sure that the best form of customer service is partnership, when the success and well-being of the customer becomes our common goal. This is how the main value is formed - trust. Commitment to the common goal of each employee plays a huge role in this. I have had successful experience building teams like this. And I am happy to be a part of the Sincura Russia project, in which staff enthusiasm, business strategy and brand values come together again."

The privileges and global connections of Sincura Russia will make corporate services truly premium, and will help private clients not miss anything in the busy stream of modern life, while maintaining the desired comfort. The concierge company also helps develop solutions that create significant added value and exclusive competitive advantages for banking and development products.