Anniversary gifts

The 25th anniversary is an important milestone for our company. On the one hand, it indicates vast and proven experience, resources and a business network, on the other–the potential for further development. It also represents our incredibly valuable human capital–skills, knowledge, professionalism, team spirit.

Ahead of the company's anniversary, Vipservice employees are presenting the business with special gifts–new projects and new achievements, all related to numbers '2', '5' and '25' to symbolise the important date.

Corporate Business has set out to at least double their turnover; they are also preparing a congratulations video. Meanwhile, Subagent Business is rehearsing a song for the anniversary. The Platform for booking ground services will switch to the online format in their cooperation with 25 hotels. The Concierge Service will present the holding with a new client of the same age. The Department of Information Technology will congratulate the company by improving the Department's service standards and the speed of solving requests. They will ensure SLA compliance for 95% of requests instead of the existing 90%, securing a 5% improvement. The Financial Department will reduce the reporting term: financial reports will have to be submitted before the 25th day of the following month. Vipservice Technologies will make a video about working remotely and share their database with other businesses. Last but not least, congratulations from the Marketing and HR Departments may become the most heartwarming: they are planning to share '25 success stories' where long-time employees will share their journeys at Vipservice. Their portraits and quotes from their interviews will be displayed in the office.

Happy anniversary to the one and only Vipservice! Looking forward to our new achievements together!