Change of the name of the organization JSC "V.I.P. Service" / "V.I.P. Service".

Dear partners,

We inform you that it was decided by our Holding to change the Name of Legal Entity АО “V.I.P. Servis”/”V.I.P. Service” to AO "Vipservice" (English JSC "Vipservice").

The decision was a reasonable ending of rebranding process, under which in 2012 it was decided to use  “Vipservice” name as a communication name for internal and external audiences.

Lately it has become evident that people are used to and remember our communication names. Globalization strategy has shown how convenient they are to pronounce for foreign partners, as well as its significant accessibility for business, legal and financial information exchange in all languages of the markets our Holding collaborates with, including the Russian language

We are about to launch re-registration process in the nearest future.

As soon as the procedure is done, we will inform you on it for sure and submit documents needed.