We work

to win your heart


Valentine card from Portbilet

Dear colleagues, 

Did you miss this functionality to transfer your work with hotels to Portbilet?

We give you a lot of updates!

·  Reservations and work online with hotel orders offline? You are welcome!
·   A surcharge for a client for a hotel, room, service, whatever comes up? Easily!
·  Reservation and registration of group check-in at the hotel? No problem!
·  Add your own hotel programs to the system, increase the number of nights and get rewards from other users of the system? Certainly!

And also interesting tariff plans with the possibility of receiving remuneration and, of course, lending.

Support our efforts to expand the hotel content in the Portbilet system, and we will be very grateful to you throughout 2021:
·  the first 50 users of the system, who made a hotel room reservation for the first time, will be guaranteed our gratitude gift - a bouquet of flowers or a soft toy;
·  the user who, by the end of 2021, will issue the largest number of groups, will receive a personal voucher for accommodation of 2 persons in a hotel of the highest category according to the provided list of cities.


Customer Relations Development Service:
Dmitry Smirnov
(495) 626-4888 #2013


We work to win your heart!