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Cloud services: latest

The Vipservice Holding took part in the conference "Clouds as tool for business continuity", organized by CNews Conferences.

It is an open secret that many companies today turned up in situation of difficult and urgent choice: whether to continue using foreign resources with high network delays, payment and technical support problems, choose domestic counterparts looking for the required level of maturity of IT solutions, or expand their own infrastructure - these were the main topics of discussion. In addition, of course, security issues and necessary requirements for protection parameters were also touched upon.

Sergey Khmelnitsky, Director for innovation and development, spoke at the conference representing the holding. He shared his successful experience of switching the TicketMe Transport Aggregator system to cloud services.

The TicketMe transport aggregator is service for purchasing tickets and in-house development which integrates information systems of carriers. It requires constant development and flexible response to load changes as a voluminous and multifunctional product. Therefore, according to Sergey Khmelnitsky, the right decision was made to switch to cloud services. The project was implemented in 2.5 months, and the cost reduction was more than 2 times!