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In fall 2016, Vipservice launched Portbilet 2.0, a principally new system for selling passenger transportation and related services.

Portbilet 2.0 is not a modified Portbilet 1.0. It is ideologically and technologically new system of passenger transportation sales. Portbilet is focused on the passenger convenience, ability to customize the environment for one's own needs to achieve effective operation. The desktop of Portbilet 2.0 is an individualized ecosystem, sensitive, flexible, and customizable.


Along with many changes and improvements in Portbilet 2.0 system, it is important to note several innovations which became available for all users since the beginning of 2017:


·         The return and exchange of tickets are absolutely free! Earlier the fee was at least 100 RUB for each ticket. Now, in 2017, the return and exchange of tickets are free.


·         System automatized the process of military duty tickets (MDT) drawing..

The system prepares tickets for all state organizations working with military requirements. Portbilet 2.0 automatically counts quotas on tickets, special military rates and offers only the tickets that meet the necessary requirements
Ticket screen for choosing MDT doesn't differ from the ordinary ticket system screen


Start working in the new system Portbilet 2.0 and increase resource utilization efficiency.