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Take a Look: Major Advantages of the Portbilet System

Portbilet is a simple and effective on-line solution for ticket search, booking, and sales, as well as for related services. By using it, small companies can expand the range of services offered at no additional cost. This system allows large companies to build their own sub-agent networks, thereby developing their business and boosting sales. From now on, freelance agents that work from home can offer their clients tickets as well. Today the system offers airline, railway, and Aeroexpress tickets, hotels and traveler insurance policies.

Over the past year, Portbilet has been improved with a large number of useful updates, such as charter offers introduced in the system, integration with Russian and international railway carriers, support of ticket payment through Tourpay terminals and with a credit card, and many other things.

The Portbilet team consistently enhances the content and functionality of the system to open new opportunities for their partners. For more detail about Portbilet advantages, read below.

Portbilet Advantages

The system's functional advantages:
Friendly and intuitive interface

Prompt request handling

Matrix of best prices based on a large number of criteria

Autocompletion of all data for your regular clients saved in the Personal Account

Charter offers available in the system from over 30 reliable tour operators

Generation of visa application forms for countries that require this at ticket generation

Auto-crediting of bonus points in loyalty systems of SkyTeam alliance airlines

Effective algorithm for keeping records of sales results, integration with 1C

Round-the-clock telephone, email, on-line support

Regular improvements to the functionality based on changing user needs
The system's economic advantages:
Unique commercial conditions

Free setup, no subscription fee

Access to the most popular selection of airlines, railway carriers, hotels, and insurance companies

Personnel training

Prompt creation of temporary jobs in peak seasons

Fast sale of unclaimed ticket blocks possible

Creation of own sub-agent network possible to increase order volume and to get additional commission fee
And more...
The number of clients increases through enhancement of the range of services and ability to work with challenging routes

Higher client satisfaction with service quality due to more precise response to needs, faster work, and an ability to offer an optimal price for the service