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In the situation of the rapid development of technology, aviation industry is actively moving the leading Suppliers to the NDC technology standard. This need is due to the fact that each Carrier strives to make its product as individual and different from others as possible, as well as to increase the share of sales of its direct distribution channel. The initiative is actively supported by IATA, and today the NDC industry protocol is designed not only to personalize the product of each individual carrier, but also to reduce its costs for sales channels.

In order to simplify the integration processes and increase the speed of interaction with its own and client's IT solutions, the xHolding development team created a specialized Transport Aggregator system that converts various Suppliers' protocols into unified ones.

The project is quite successful now and plans to grow into a unique and highly demanded IT solution of the holding, since our specialists possess not only modern tools for developing integration solutions, but also deeply understand the industry specifics.

The transport aggregator is meant to collect under its wing all the current and future NDC solutions of Carriers and Global Distribution Systems and become a progressive platform with a wide range of transport content and multimodal transportation services.

We consider our main task to provide support and technical interaction with Suppliers so that customer solutions focus on what is their key competence - customer service, as well as significant savings for the customer on the integration of each individual Carrier, because the Transport Aggregator provides a resource in a single connection.

So what are the benefits of this new platform?

For the customer, this is definitely a single industry protocol instead of different and unique content due to exclusive integrations. It is worth noting that direct integrations, as a rule, allow you to get cheaper rates, since these channels do not imply the availability of booking system fees, as well as the possibility of implementing a wide range of additional services. This is the minimization of connection times, as well as a flexible and competitive pricing model and no redundancy. The advantage is that the data transfer is carried out using the XML API protocol, there are no "extra" services, which naturally leads to a decrease in cost. The platform also has auxiliary services, provides support and maintenance of the integration channel.

Today, through the system, you can purchase the services of Aeroflot, Siberia, Pobeda, Azimut, the Ural Airlines, global carriers - Air France, KLM, and unique content that can only be obtained from us so far. The full content of the Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh railways and the bus supplier "Basfor" are also presented. 

It is planned to connect other industry players from the group of leading airlines, which, on the initiative of IATA, should achieve a "critical" sales volume through the NDC protocol.


Today our clients are both internal IT products of the holding - the Portbilet web system, the Biletix B2C project, the obt.vipct.ru TMC project, as well as external players in the transport services market - trainapi.com, raketa.travel, tickets. ru, pososhok.ru and many others,

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