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The Vipconnect unit of the holding is like its nerve center. Vipconnect designs new high-tech products for Vipservice, and it's here that all the key departments of the holding send data for subsequent analysis.

The Vipconnect project launched in November 2012 after the first ticket was sold by the 42MOK VIP Connect agency. The original goal was to create a technological platform to automate the subagency business. Vipconnect was the first database in Russia to integrate with the data of Belorussian Railways.

Today, Vipconnect concentrates on the three key priorities: 
- Improving CRM to automate the issuance of documents, contract support, communications, generation of reports
- Developing the in-house transport aggregator that various providers of transport services can connect to, thus facilitating the work for the subagents and units of the holding
- Storing and processing data and business analytics to ensure fast access to relevant information while offering data analysis, forecasting and statistical analysis capabilities for any types of data