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TicketMe from Vipservice is a modern online platform with an adaptive system and modular architecture that adapts to a specific business task. At the moment, the platform has already been adapted for three working scenarios: 
1. Panel sales of air and railway subagents
2. Sales of air, railway and additional services with the integration of an external online solution (Portbilet)
3. Online sales of air tickets via your own e-shop.

Structure of the TicketMe platform:
1. CRM
2. Data warehouse
3. Data exchange system
4. Business analytics
5. Business rules management system
6. IP telephony
7. E-shop
8. An accounting and a reporting system and an adjustment module
9. Master Data system
10. General directory service
11. Transport aggregator
12. Costing and 1C8 accounting
Features of the TiketMe platform
TicketMe is fundamentally different from the already existing solutions in this area. The platform is built in a way that the basis of business processes is the client, not the product. Modern technologies were used during the development: a modular architecture using container virtualization and cloud services ensures the maximum flexibility. The possibility of change and adaptation is embedded in the concept of the Platform
The architecture of the platform was designed in such a way that almost any component could be replaced with a similar one. For example, you can use another e-store to organize sales of a unique service. You can replace and/or use another master data management system.

Container virtualization
Among the solutions available to date, container virtualization technologies allow for a high density of server resources. In addition, container virtualization resolves the issue of high availability and fault tolerance of systems with minimal maintenance costs.

Cloud technologies
The use of cloud technologies allows transforming fixed costs into variable ones. Operating costs will be proportionally dependent on the number of transactions.
The basis of change management in the Platform are the principles of Agile (permanent changes with business result). The change interval is currently 2 weeks, so the time to adapt to the market requirements (Time To Market) is significantly lower than for similar solutions.

The team
The Platform's team consists of cross-functional specialists with knowledge of the specifics of business areas. This helps to avoid the traditional formal processes in the form of preparations and the coordination of technical assignments, and so on.

With the exception of 1C8 Accounting, TicketMe uses products that do not require paid licensing. At the same time, 1C8 Accounting works on Linux and PostgreSQL, a free operating system and a database.