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CRMVIP is a customer relationship management system for Vipservice Holding, which has become the basis for working with all operational processes that exist in the subagent and corporate businesses of the company. The system is constantly evolving, responding to changes in the needs of the holding, and sometimes even ahead of them.     
History of CRMVIP development
In 2012, the project office began to work on the implementation of CRM in the pilot project VipConnect. In 2014-2015, a new concept of managing the relationship with contractors has been tested live in VipConnect: from contracting suppliers to mutual settlements with subagents. Having made sure that the new system works and works well, the company's management decided to transfer our developments stage-by-stage into the holding's work.
CRMVIP is based on three main principles:
1) the possibility of an independent deep adaptation of the platform taking into account industry specifics
2) the possibility of a step-by-step integration into the operating systems and processes of the holding
3) low entry cost threshold with the possibility of further scaling

Based on the capabilities of the base platform, we change and refine the functionality in accordance with the industry specifics. 

Further development
The development of SFA (sales management) is in our immediate plans.  The tool will allow selling managers to organize their own work and teamwork more effectively: to systematize the information about the market, clients, and work with it correctly. Speaking of technologies, first of all, these are services that will give the users of the system the opportunity to increase their own productivity. In particular, these are the new designer of commercial conditions, the development of integration with internal and external systems (all necessary information is available in a few mouse clicks), predictive analytics, and machine learning.