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CRMVIP system

Customer relationship management

New technologies are giving rise to new tools for interacting with customers. Today's commercial organizations succeed by collecting as much information as possible about the consumers of their products and services. Analytical data, call centers and automated information systems have made it possible and profitable to interact with each client as one.

The production history of CRMVIP holding began in 2015. At that time, it consisted of 7 modules. For 5 years, it managed to grow into a scalable and adapted to the specifics of the business, in which today about 1,000,000 information cards are stored with the preservation of the history of data changes.

The peculiarity of CRMVIP lies in the tight integration of classic business processes of customer relationship management with industry specificity. It is the basis for supporting all stages of customer service, in which more than 30 business processes are implemented.


CRM strategies:

• Attracting and retaining the best and most profitable clients

• Business is based on the needs of paying customers

• Interaction with customers in all aspects: advertising, sales and service

• Increasing market share by improving the quality of customer service

• Understanding customer behavior


By purchasing this product, you will receive:

• Attracting and contracting clients

• Events and communications - support of business relations with clients

• Tariff plans and commercial terms

• Configuration management

• Process automation

• Claims management

• Marketing and e-mail newsletters

• Reports and analytics


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